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TSR16  thermistor String RecorderTSR16 thermistor String Recorder

The TSR16 (Temperature String Recorder) is a sixteen channel temperature recorder (with an additional 5 channels) specifically designed to accurately record data from thermistor strings.  With 5 to 10 years of battery life (with 4 AA Cells) this data logger operates autonomously without the need for solar panels.  It can also store 16 channels of temperature data for more than 10 years while taking readings once every hour which makes it an ideal instrument for global warming and frost point studies.  

RDH6F8 - Remote Data HousingRDH6F8 - Remote Data HousingThe RDH6F8 (Remote Data Housing 6 foot 8 inch diameter) offers Data Logger protection and security from the elements and vandalism. This 6 foot unit is generally used for deep snow applications.
LTX - Submersable Level TranducerLTX - Submersable Level TranducerThe LTX Level Transducer is a programmable probe that can be set up on site at Lakewood Systems to specific needs or applicatons, in regards to fluid level measurement.
DPX2 - 2 Channel Data Pac LoggerDPX2 - 2 Channel Data Pac LoggerThe DPX2 Data Pac combines the ruggedness and reliablity of an RX data storage unit in half the size. Ideal for outdoor remote locations, the DPX2 uses an input plug connection system that makes interfacing sensors with the Data Logger simple and easy.

The Best Data Loggers For:
Temperature,   Pressure,   Waterlevel,   Flow   and   Rainfall

Lakewood Systems manufactures battery powered Data Loggers for use with a broad range of environmental and industrial instruments. We are committed to the design and production of Data Loggers with high reliability and accuracy while operating in extreme environmental conditions over long periods of time. Lakewood has provided thousands of Data Logger systems to its customers and has expanded its product line to more than 300 items over the past 40+ years. Lakewood's Data Loggers store information in a compressed format and using advanced software techniques, high speed remote data collection can be achieved via modems and USB connections. Lakewood's Windows based software (Prolog) has many powerful graphing and data processing features.

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