TSR16  thermistor String Recorder
TSR16  thermistor String Recorder

TSR16 thermistor String Recorder

TSR16  thermistor String Recorder
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The TSR16 (Temperature String Recorder) is a sixteen channel temperature recorder (with an additional 6 channels) specifically designed to accurately record data from thermistor strings.  With 5 to 10 years of battery life (with 4 AA Cells) this data logger operates autonomously without the need to solar panels.  It can also store 16 channels of temperature data for more than 10 years while taking readings once every hour which makes it an ideal instrument for global warming and frost point studies. 

  • Battery Life:
Up to 10 years (with 4 AA common lithium batteries)
  • Storage capacity
12 years of data storage at 1 hr recordings (16 channels + internal battery voltage + internal temperature)
  • Input Channels
16 Channel Temperature inputs via standard 17 pin thermistor cable
Additional 5 multiuse analog recording channels (0 to 2.5 VDC)
 Programmable channel sensor configuration (up to 5 order Polynomial coefficients)
Additional battery voltage and internal temperature recording channels
Two million high resolution data point recordings
  • Temperature Recording Accuracy
.01 Deg C. (from -45 to +45 Deg C)
Inter channel accuracy .001 Deg. C.
  • Sealed internal electronics
With re-enterable flexible potting for sealed termination of additional inputs
  • Communications
                              Direct USB Speed = 115,000 bps
Cell Modem Option (with 2 watt Solar panel and 4aH battery)
Zero Power Land Line Modem Option

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