ProductCCTR Calibration Certificate (Raingauge)
CCTR Calibration Certificate (Raingauge)

CCTR Calibration Certificate (Raingauge)

CCTR Calibration Certificate (Raingauge)
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Rain Gauge Calibraiton Certificates can be supplied for new rain gauges or for existing customer gauges.

Lakewood has developed a very advanced system for calibrating tipping bucket type rain gauges.
Part of the system is made up of a digitally controlled pump combined with an advanced software control system which provides an extremely detailed analysis of each tip. The gauge is brought into calibration with the aid of a graphic screen indicating the required adjustments. Once adjusted, the gauge is then put through a 1 liter simulated rainfall event to test its accuracy. The results of this test are then shown in the calibration certificate in the form of a histogram which provides a very accurate view of the performance of the gauge. A narrow histogram indicates a higher gauge accuracy. With this type of dynamic view of the calibration results, intermittent problems can be detected by any outlying events on the histogram.
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