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BC-6 Beaded CableBC-6 Beaded CableBC-6 Beaded Cable is used with the FS-15AC Float Sensor pulley system.
FS15AC - Float SensorFS15AC - Float SensorThe FS15AC Float Sensor is a cost effective way to obtain accurate fluid level information over a 15 foot operating range and can be easily connected to any Lakewood Data Logger.
HSX - Hydrometric StationHSX - Hydrometric StationThe HSX (Hydrometric Station) keeps the RX Data Storage unit and the FS-15AC Float Sensor protected and secure from the elements and vandalism.
LTX - Submersable Level TranducerLTX - Submersable Level TranducerThe LTX Level Transducer is a programmable probe that can be set up on site at Lakewood Systems to specific needs or applicatons, in regards to fluid level measurement.
LTXVC - Level Tranducer CableLTXVC - Level Tranducer CableThe LTXVC Vented Cable is designed to keep submersable transducers equalized with surface pressure.
RM125 - High Precision ResistorRM125 - High Precision ResistorThis resistor is used in 4-20mA applications on the Terminial Board of the UL16K Ultralogger.
SPM15 - Sonic ProbeSPM15 - Sonic ProbeThe SPM Sonic Probe has a 15FT level monitoring range.
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